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High pressure calibration facility for gas meters

The qbig GmbH, a subsidiary of the gas- transport Nord GmbH, builds a new high pressure calibration facility for gas meters in the north west of Germany. The unique selling point of this calibration facility is that meters with a diameter up to 20" and a pressure range from 8 up to 55 bar can be testest bidirectionally in one setting. This results in a significant reduction of the calibration time of bidirectionally operated meter runs as used in underground storage.

The calibration facility is manufacturer independent and is used for testing, verification and calibration of turbine gas meters and ultrasonic gas meters. It will be a state-approved test facility. Additionally, it will be accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. The reference standarts will be derived from the european standard for high pressure natural gas of the Federal Institute of Physics and Metrology (PTB).

Technical specifications

Pressure range:
pmin 8 bar absolute up to pmax 55 bar absolute

Flow rate:
Qmin 13 m3/h up to Qmax 11.200 m3/h
Qmax 16.000 m3/h at a reduced pressure a flow rate

3 test meter runs:
2 x DN 400 / DN 500 (max. length 14,5 m)
1 x DN 150 (max. length 8 m)

Bidirectional operation

Key facts

  • Calibration of meters up to 20"
  • High fexibility by version as a closed loop with direct connection to the high pressure natural gas grid
  • Permanent online check of the working standards with ultrasonicmeters
  • Direct verification of the working standards against each other in the test bench
  • Return of the test gas into the local gas distribution